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Ask and You Will Receive

One of the greatest spiritual principles ever spoken, I believe, is “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.” These words were attributed to Jesus of Nazareth. While this principle is often quoted as a way to manifest material wealth, the words are most true when applied to spiritual abundance. When you seek true happiness, true freedom, true abundance of life, and you ask for this with all of your heart, you do reap the rewards of your asking.

Getting clear on what you want on a soul level is the first and fundamental step in being able to ask. When you become clear on what you are looking for, you open yourself up to receiving it. Whether you seek happiness or freedom or soul or devotion, getting clear on what it is that you are after helps clear the pathway to it.

All seeking, ultimately, draws us back into the arms of Infinite Love that resides in our hearts, and in the hearts of others. Seeking, it seems, is our unique human way of climbing, step by step, into those greater arms.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am including a prayer that I wrote for a client recently which she was happy for me to share with you. It is a simple prayer to align the personal self with the Infinite Self today and every day.

Mary, Divine Mother,
Show me what is real.
Let me let go of the worries
That consume me and instead
Let me be consumed by your
Your Divine Love, your Divine Heart.
Do not let me run away from you
In my thoughts or in my deeds.
Instead, let me serve you with
Every thought and every breath.
Show me the way, great Amma,
Mother of the Universe,
My true Mother, my true Heart.

Bowing to the Divine Ma in you, in the world,
and beyond the world