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Brian Critchley, Owner, Om Central Jersey Massage and Yoga

“When I made my appointment for a session with Cynthia I felt like I needed clarification about my direction in life. While I felt like I’d made significant professional and personal progress over the past several years I was searching for perspective that could help me make sense of it all. From the outset, Cynthia made me feel relaxed and safe in her workspace. It was easy to share my intentions for the session and she even helped bring those intentions into sharper focus with her active listening skills.

I had no idea what to expect from the sound healing portion of our session but was pleasantly surprised by how such a powerful experience unfolded. As Cynthia used several percussion instruments and vocalizations the all-consuming experience of sound helped me actually “turn off” my senses and focus my attention inward where I was able to find the clarity and confidence I’d been seeking. I’d certainly recommend that others consult with Cynthia for a life purpose discernment and sound healing session. She truly has a gift for this kind of work and offers a unique experience of inward mindfulness so lacking in our fast-paced world.”
Brian Critchley, Massage Practitioner and Yoga Instructor
Hightstown, New Jersey