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Deadra Ashton

“I came to Cynthia originally for help with discerning a call. Cynthia’s work with me helped me clear out emotional blocks and helped me see how I hold them in my body. It helped me to affirm and clarify my path. Now I am clear enough to work with other people and help people find clarity themselves.

Cynthia’s approach has been effective for me because she works with imagery and intuition. At the same time, there is an acknowledgment that we are here and now in a real world. It’s changed the way I use primary tools of my primary trade as a minister. My work with Cynthia has helped me to build on my classical theological training. I weave what Cynthia I do together with my work with the congregation and individuals. Recently I began to work with people more in depth on their spiritual journey. Now I can work with images that come to me and I am not afraid to name them. Because I’m clear, I can help people get clear and get results in their lives.”

Rev. Deadra Ashton
Tunbridge, Vermont