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Embrace Your Purpose–Because You Can!

In July, my family traveled to Kenya and Tanzania in a family history tour (my husband’s missionary side) and safari. It was an incredible journey of contrasts. There was the extreme beauty of lush farm and grasslands  and the extreme poverty of streets full of tin-shacks in the city of Nairobi. We heard stories of triumph–of tribes letting go of the practice of genital mutilation of women –and stories of despair, of bright teens who lack the necessary opportunities to pursue their dreams.

I came back home vowing to live more simply, to spend more time writing on subjects I feel passionate about, and to help more people with their purpose in this  land of incredible opportunity and wealth.  What stands in the way of many Americans carrying out a vision for their lives is (in my mind) in enormous contrast to what stands between some of the youth I met who live on rural farms with no income to pay for further study –and no access to jobs that would give them that income.

I still have much to synthesize about this trip that will be showing up on my blog, so stay tuned! In the meantime…This Wednesday, I’ll be doing a Vision Journey, a time for inward listening for purpose, for path, for next steps. If you are local, I hope you join me! If you are not, consider sending me a note about your purpose and any questions you may have about embracing it.

Each time I offer these classes, there is an opportunity, if you have not worked with me individually before, to have a free follow-up session with me. This is an opportunity to both integrate what you’ve experienced in the class, as well as sample what it’s like to do individual work.

***What is purpose anyway?***

You are always living your purpose–your day is full of activities that give your life meaning–and yet if you feel like life is getting kind of dry around the edges, you can always listen for a new way for purpose to show up in your life. If you feel uncertain, you can embrace your purpose on a new level. Or if you feel completely off-purpose, you can begin to take the steps toward getting back on track.

We have so many ways to dance through our lives with purpose and meaning. Maybe the purpose of right now is simply to breathe summer’s air, listen to the sounds and activities around us as the day’s symphony, and know that all that is, is good.