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Express Yourself!

Sometimes a passion has to go underground before it is reborn. Just as the bulbs that stay underground in winter give birth to new life in the spring, so it is with what we long to express. I can’t say why this is true. But after observing my clients and my friends and the people around me, I believe that this is part of how we unfold as humans.

There was one point in my life when I did not write for six months. After writing creatively in some way or another since age eight, I thought for sure my writing life was over. But it was only underground. When it re-emerged, the voice I wrote in was different; even the style had changed. It was a more authentic voice; and a more signature style. I understood when I began writing again that my writing had stopped so that these change could manifest.

Sometimes, a passion can go underground for years. The key part of this process is patience with yourself as you rediscover what seems lost. And an understanding that nothing is ever lost. It is just remade. We are beings that unfold, and we can’t unfold all aspects of ourselves at once. Perhaps in one season of our lives, we unfold the artist. At another time, the mother. At yet another time, the business woman. Perhaps we unfold the child, discovering the world as if for the first time.

Do you have passions or talents that you once thought were going to be expressed more fully or recognized? Take some time to contemplate what is unfolding for you now. What is begging expression? Try not to judge the past. Look only at yourself in the moment, as if looking at a rare orchid. What color of expression is emerging? What line of thought? What rare scent are you wanting to set wafting into your world?! Think of one small step to express who you are today.

With blessings for who you are today,