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Do you feel abundant today?

What would it feel like to have enough time, money, love, good health, friends who adore you…Does it feel like that now? 

I’ve been watching my tendency to feel that time is lacking. I know it’s just an inner story, but LOOK, I say. Look how the day went! Flash! It’s gone! Recently, I wrote down everything that I did for three days, because it honestly felt that the day went faster than I could keep up with, and I was sure that by the end of the day, I’d done absolutely nothing! The exercise proved me wrong. So much for the stories we tell ourselves…

Of course when you get stuck in feeling lack, the Universe will do its best to un-glue you. Such as yesterday, I was rushing to get to my son’s track meet on time, and this is EXACTLY when a tractor from a nearby field needs to get on the double-line, two-lane road in front of me! It never fails! Why rush. No point. The Universe wins EVERY single time.

But I also know–because we have angels whispering in our ears to tell us such things–that there will always and forever be enough. Not only enough, but MORE than enough. 

Spring is a perfect time to imagine what abundance feels like. Just walk through a garden of flowers. The earth is bursting with life. It’s overflowing. It’s oozing! Walking my dog, I can feel the earth rising up to meet me. It IS delicious and timeless!

And this same abundance is inside us. It just takes time and attention (wait, did I say TIME?!). Yes, time and attention. To breathe into it, embrace it and know it is your true nature. You will always be cared for. There will always be plenty. Love is within you, around you, above you and below you! 

Do you know what abundance feels like? What are your ways of knowing? I’d love to hear from you. Come leave a comment below (and email me your contact info!), and I’ll send you an abundance affirmation, written just for you! 

Blessings, in abundance!