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Get Your Passion Stirring (And How to Get Yourself Past Your Edge)

I loved the people I met on my first book tour. After a reading, people would come up and tell me how they felt I wrote their story. Or how the grandparents I had collected stories from were just like their grandparents or parents. But there were other comments, too, ones that eventually got me into coaching. Some people expressed envy that I had actually done the project that my heart called me to do.

Over time, I heard from many people who wanted to interview a war veteran in their family, or write a memoir, or write family stories down for their children, but they also admitted to me that they never thought they’d pull it off, or it was too late, or …or…

What does it take to follow your passion? The thing I turn to the most is listening inward. Passion is never outside of yourself. It is listening to your heart, your gut, your very cells. It’s not an easy task, because you may hear things you don’t want to hear (believe me, I can run in circles around this, too!) You may find fear lurking there in the shadows. Or doubt (my bailiwick). But you may also hear that small voice telling you exactly what you need to hear.

When I first handed the unpublished manuscript of Crazy Quilt to my parents, I was literally shaking. I wanted to tell the truth in my memoir but didn’t want to offend them. The only thing that got me past all of my internal nay-saying was this idea that the book, which describes my ascent out of a pit of depression, could be of use to someone else in a similar situation.

As a writer, I have to continually battle that fear of what other people will think. But that first leap was instructive, and I’m so glad I have that experience to lean back on when I need it. It tells me that when you listen inwardly and you leap, eyes wide open, from what you perceive to be a cliff, you find that there is no need for a net to appear. What you thought was a cliff was a mere step! A tiny jump! (Truth be told: my mother became one of my most ardent fans; my father was, how shall we say…forgiving.)

How do you tap into your passion? How do you express it? Send me a note–I’d love to hear!

To your passionate purpose,


Get Passionate Even Get Juicy this coming Saturday in Robbinsville!
Find Your Passion in a Guided Inner Journey
Saturday, May 11, 11 a.m.- Noon
Head to Toes Exp, Robbinsville High School
Free event
You will be guided to go inward and tap into the juicy, fiery sense of passion itself. Once there, we’ll ask for what your heart is longing to do next! How will you passionately share all the juice that you have to give?

Find me in the expo’s Book Nook; I’ll be signing my books and offering them at a discount!

More about the all day expo (free to all):
The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out will be a special day to celebrate being a woman.
Women will enjoy a day filled with fun, pampering and entertainment while learning about good health, food, fashion, finance, home, family and emotional wellness.
Women love to shop and it’s a woman’s world at the Head to Toe Women’s Expo!

Saturday, May 11, 9 – 3 pm. / Journey With Cynthia at 11 a.m., Session B
Robbinsville High School
155 Robbinsville Edinburg Road
Robbinsville NJ
• 100 + Exhibitors; Door Prizes; Free Giveaways
• Fashion; Health & Wellness Center
• Seminars on Passion, Work Life Balance, Spiritual Abilities, and more
• Book Signings, Cooking Demos, Shopping
Tell us you’re coming! Or just come.