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Heart Meditation

This meditation is very good for the physical heart and brings a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Breathe deeply into the belly and into the chest, and let out a sigh. This helps you relax the body-mind and release stress. Letting out a sigh relaxes you faster! Do this three times.

Now imagine that in the space of your heart –the center of your chest–is the sun. Imagine it vividly, with all of its heat and leaping molten energy. Let it expand to fill your chest, and let your breath relax into the warmth of this energy. Feel its presence filling all your cells with light and energy. Feel the positive associations you have with the sun–whether it’s being at the beach or just feeling the sun on your face. Let your heart be bathed by this warmth.

Now imagine the full moon situated within your skull. It is cool, reflective, floating in the spaciousness of the universe. It reflects the light of the sun but by itself it is only a quiet surface, silent, and at times completely dark.

Sit with these two celestial bodies, anchored in your own body. If you feel too floaty, anchor your feet on the floor, and feel the body of the earth anchoring you downward.

Breathe, be, feel the spaciousness of all that you are!


This meditation echoes the relationship between the heart and mind. The heart is the sacred gift; the mind its servant (to paraphrase Einstein). Focus on the gift!!

I’ll be leading this guided sun meditation at a Summer Solstice celebration June 20 (see events) in Plainsboro, NJ, and at other workshops and retreats (please check back for times).

The light in me bows to the light in you…