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Honor the Process as You Discover and Unfold Your Purpose (Excerpt from Divine Purpose)

(Excerpt from section 5: Honor the Process)

It is important in considering your purpose that you don’t judge your life. It is easy to feel “off track” if you have followed a path you feel is off-purpose. Truthfully, purpose is an unfolding. It unfolds from where you are, right now. It has been unfolding since you were born. Even if you feel completely lost, this is only a point of awareness that signals that you are ready to be found.

In my own experience, the darkest moments I’ve experienced occur just before a door opens, and new light and opportunities flood in. This is often true for others. The dark is simply a point of awareness. If you are depressed, and stuck in a long period of darkness, you may be more than willing to embrace the light but not see the way out. But it is important to keep faith that change will come.

I like to think of darkness as the bud of a rose. The bud will not say: “Shame on me for being in this dark place. I have lost my way. I am hopeless.” The bud simply opens, when the conditions of light, soil and rain nurture its opening.

Honor the process. Honor your choices. If you proceed honoring the process itself, your purpose will unfold more gracefully. I recommend spending time doing a life review. In this review, which can be written or contemplative, ask yourself what you have learned. You may see that life has its own intelligence. Your path may twist and turn and have high peaks and lows, or it may feel flat. But if you are honest with yourself about what each peak or each valley or each flat plain has taught you, you will find how life has orchestrated itself on your soul’s behalf.

When you seek your purpose in life, you are bringing the light of awareness to the process simply by your seeking. Nurturing conditions for your opening are crucial. This might include increasing your level of self-care. It may mean finding a friend or mentor to support you in the process. It may be finding a community of like minds, where you can feel like you have company on the path.

Given the right conditions, the bud of your soul will become a rose, fragrant and delicate and ready to share itself more completely.