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Life is All Perception

The other day, my husband and I were driving through Mercer County Park, a large 200-some acre park where you can often find deer grazing in the grass in late afternoon. I joke that it is our suburban safari. My husband and I drove about ten feet from a couple of deer, who didn’t seem to mind our presence, even our voices as we exclaimed at how friendly they seemed.

Somehow my mind was brought back to when I first moved to our suburban region. I remember only seeing dead deer, and being so saddened that my experience of being around greater nature was that I saw its devestation.

And then I began to look a little more closely. I began to see deer standing in corn fields, in late afternoon. I began to walk through the park in the afternoon, and occasionally come upon one, startling us both. Now, I see them everywhere. They are constant companions, reminders of the benefits of stillness and quiet.

Our experience is truly altered by our perception. What we focus on is what we see.

As we left the park, there were two fawns bounding across the lawn like gazelles. They made me laugh out loud, they were so full of delight. Our suburban safari. So suburban. And so boundless.