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Overcoming Fear

Fear is a topic I can speak about with a certain amount of first-hand knowledge! I have had to overcome many fears in leaving my Mennonite community, in loving friends and family well and with honesty, in having a more public life as a writer and speaker. I often have to get out my swords and go to battle with my inner fear-mongers!

Fear is an energy in the body, often found in the belly, throat or chest. It moves through us, asking us to re-evaluate, to act, to accept, or to set a boundary. The easiest way to overcome fear is to talk to it, I have found. Hello, fear. What is it that you want of me? What do you need? It is usually creature comfort that the fear wants — reassurance that we are OK. That reassurance might take the form of sitting on the earth, of taking a walk in the woods, of having a favorite drink — simple creature comforts for the body!

Another method is simply breaking through, as one would a battle line. Athletes are known to hit walls during a feat of endurance. In that moment, there is no time to sit down and brew a cup of tea and have an inner dialogue about fear. There is simply pushing right on through. This is the “I think I can” approach we learned from the children’s story of the train moving up the tracks of a mountain. You tell yourself you can, and you go for it.

Do you have fear of moving forward with a project, or a conversation with a friend, or pursuing a new line of work? Have a dialogue with your fear. Sit down with a piece of paper and pen and ask your fear — what do you want of me? And sit and listen for an answer from your body, wherever you feel the fear is residing. Write down the first thing that comes to you. If you think you imagined it, you did!! This is all about the imagination. What you imagine will be the solution, will be the solution!!

With love,