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Pat Czeto, Breath Therapist

I read about Cynthia’s use of music and sacred chant as a healing art. I was anxious to try it myself and to experience firsthand the healing power of drumming and chanting. I wanted to use music and sound vibration in my energy practice. Cynthia’s attendance and calm demeanor created a safe place for deep inquiry and inner work. She generously answered my questions and offered kind guidance during our sessions. In each meeting, I felt her compassion, acceptance and presence which created a healing space for my personal work and discovery.

Her sound healing was gentle, sacred and powerful at the same time. I was able to relax into the sounds of her drumming, chanting and rattles. In this relaxed state, I openly explored ideas, listened within and gained clarity and new insights. I  am now empowered and ready to use enhanced sound in the Reiki healing experience.

Studying with Cynthia, I gained a greater appreciation for sound healing work and now use it as part of my Reiki sessions. I drum and chant Usui and Karuna sounds in a client’s energy field to help facilitate deep relaxation. I found that as stress is relieved, the client’s physical body tensions are released as well. Clients have reported less stress and tension in their body. The drumming and sounds relax them and centers them so they can create space for their body’s innate ability to heal. I would absolutely recommend Cynthia as a teacher, role model and loving guide. I appreciate how she honors the process and holds space with compassion and acceptance. Her sound healing approach is a gift and an effective tool in working with others.”
Pat Czeto, Breath Therapist, Reiki Master and Integral Energy Practitioner
Princeton, New Jersey