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Remembering a Teacher

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of dear friend and teacher, David La Chapelle. Here is a story that wanted to be written for him.

There was once a boy who lived at the edge of the forest. He lived there so that every night, he could go out and look a the moon. The moon told him many tales of things he’d forgotten. It sang to him songs of the ways of things for the people of the earth. It reflected back to him his finest dreams, even dreams he had not known were his to dream.

The boy became a man, and what he learned from the moon, he began to share. The light reflected on its surface became reflected in the hearts of those he served. He saw no difference.

One day, the moon light reflected on water shone shone so tenderly, that he walked across this river of light into the other realm. Those who were close to him were shocked at how someone so bright could disappear so quickly.

But this is the nature of stars and moons and human beings: that when they are ready for the full and naked truth, they become it.

And so, my dear friend, there is nothing to mourn for. The reflection of the inner beauty of the Divine reality is the only truth there is. I am that I am.