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Sound Healing for a New Outlook

People who do visioning with me, with the help of a drum, have experienced all sorts of visions to help them on their path. Others have felt energy moving in their shoulders, stomach, back, brain,  legs, feet.  People often wonder what is happening –and if it’s normal.

What is “sound healing?” Across cultures and time, people have used drums, voice, and simple instruments to bring healing and a sense of connection to the Divine. “Sound healing” — the use of pleasing sounds for the purpose of inviting a person into a healing internal place — has been growing in popularity. Science is now showing the benefits of meditation and music to include a more positive out look on life –and lower blood pressure and heart rate.

The “energy” moving is described by different cultures in different ways. The  yogis of India call it  “Sakti”–the creative energy of the Divine in human form. Jesus of Nazareth worked with this energy — when a woman touched his robe for healing, he could feel the energy “leave” him.  Christians call it the movement of the Holy Spirit.  Other cultures have their own way of describing this energy.

I began using sound healing techniques with friends and family, when I felt prompted in 2004 to use gentle vocalizations to help people relax into a healing place within themselves. Eventually, a drum called my name while at a Native American festival in New Jersey. Shakers (or rattles) soon followed.  At the time, I was studying with a mentor who taught Raja Yoga — the yoga of meditation. He had also studied with John Fire Lame Deer, the Lakota medicine man.  He supported the work I was doing, even though I questioned my own “calling.”

I think of sound healing and visioning as a means to tune to a larger field of awareness than our own single being. In that field, you may encounter the Divine, nature, or simply empty space. As you tune to this larger field, you can let go of content that is the usual “stuff” that crowds your mind. You can relax into a deeper, more sacred place within your own being. That place is deeply connective. It erases this sense that we are alone against the world or somehow separate. When you emerge from this place,  you cannot help but see your circumstances through a new lens.