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Speak Worlds Into Being

Dear friends,
In every conversation and interaction, an opportunity is available to create a new world.

The words and the energy we put behind our words directly impacts our body and our world. If we put positive energy behind our words, then positive energy is being vibrated through our vocal chords and through our body and also out into the world. If negative energy is behind our words, then this is the energy that is reverberating through us and through our world.

Consider these two stories on the use of words.

The Prophet Mohammed once criticized a spiritual practitioner who was fasting. He suggested that the spiritual man had broken his fast by speaking ill of his brother. His brother’s flesh is already in his mouth, he said.

Mohammed also suggested that when reciting the holy Quran it is better to recite out loud then silently, as it is the difference between a bottle of perfume that is corked and one that has been opened. Speaking holy words out loud is the perfume of life, uncorked!

In a world full of daily human suffering, it is perhaps easy to dwell in the negative. And yet we could just as well focus on the holy gifts that we receive every day. We receive the gift of breath, the gift of food, the gift of shelter. We receive the gift of friendship and the gift of Divine Love as shown through the flowers and the brooks and the clouds that send us rain. Every day, we receive the gift of life itself.

What will you speak of today? What thoughts will you dwell on and share with others? What love can you send through your vocal chords, out into your world to share? Even one well-spoken word of “hello” to a neighbor can send ripples out into the world, carrying healing power and helping to create a world we all want to share.