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Tend your body and soul despite what your inner judge says

Are you one of those people who find it easier to take care of others but often forget to  take care you? You’re ready to help a friend with their project, or give them a massage or lend a listening ear, but you don’t seek out that kind of help for yourself? I hate to admit it, but I understand! I know personally how care weighted too much in one direction can leave you feeling dry.

So what do you do? When it dawned on me, some years ago, that this tendency wasn’t actually making me a saint but was rather manifesting in stress symptoms, I decided to take action. First of all, I sought out a massage therapist, to work on my stress. Amazing. This created a whole problem for my psyche. Was I worth a weekly massage? I had to overcome the feeling that this was selfish in some way.

Then I began watching some TV or reading at night as way to unwind, rather than messing with my website or checking email. This also confronted an inner voice that said, “Wow, this is really unproductive!” It took at least 20 episodes of House to make this go away. And some digging into the birthplace of that inner judge.

But eventually, that noisy judge dimmed. Did she fade away entirely? Not yet, but she whispers now instead of throwing stones.

Is there anything you’d like to do that your inner judge is keeping you from doing? Maybe a walk at lunch, or a salt bath with candles at night.  Feed your soul, tend your body. It’s important to give to yourself, in the same way that you give to others, for your own sanity, and your long-term health. Why wouldn’t you? You are a temple, divine and beautiful. Tend your holy temple, so that you will be able to give and not run dry.

I always thought that for some of us, the golden rule should read, “Do unto yourself as you do unto others.”

Find something nourishing to do for your body and spirit today. Even five minutes of walking outside can lift your mood and refresh your spirit.

Be blessed,