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The Heart Knows More

Going through some old files to create room for new ones, I found this writing that will eventually be part of a book of writings about living with intention and purpose. I wanted to share it with you today. The voice is instructional, spoken from a place of meditation on the Greater Realm within.

Do not reach outside yourself for what resides within. Chasing after love and money will only lead to more chasing. Fold your hands together, and place them at your heart. Ask yourself which is greater — that which is in you or that which is in the world. Embrace that which is greater, for only in that embrace will you find any answer worth pursuing.

That is not to say do not love that which is in the world. But only from the knowledge of Self –the greater aspect within you — can this love of your world be pure.

So sit with your hands at your heart every day, and ask yourself any question you like. The mind is not where the answers will emerge from. Answers will rise up, like bubbles, from the heart, and a kind of “aha” will follow. This is how you will know the answers have come from the heart.

The mind will question you, always, but do not regard these questions as anything beyond mind-stuff.

The heart knows. It is of the highest intelligence, beyond the mind, beyond concepts, beyond understanding, beyond logic, and beyond any human constructs.

Trust your heart, without any doubt. Let doubt be like pesky flies; swat them away or pay them no regard.

With infinite blessings for your day,