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The True Nature of Energy — Previewing a New Book by Diane Wing

The True Nature of Energy is an intelligent guide to the world as a vibratory place. Diane Wing walks you through your relationships, the places you visit and live in, your thought patterns and intentions, and the objects you collect and hold onto. Each of these arenas carry a vibration that may impact you. A thought carries a vibration that can bring your mood up, or send it crashing to the ground. An object from a hard period of your life may hold the imprint of that time and would be best let go of. Diane describes how these energies affect your mood and sense of being and how you can both protect yourself and improve your own energetic experience.

Diane draws on years of practice as a practitioner of Reiki and a coach to individuals who are energetically sensitive. She writes from a non-dual perspective, in which there is only one benevolent Source, and as she states, “every religion has its own name for this Source of Power.” Thus, this book can speak to people from all walks and all traditions.  The book is clear and articulate, and she offers numerous practices and visualizations to deal with the many situations you may encounter in life, such as toxic relationships, difficult group settings, or unsettled feelings that seem to come out of nowhere.

Anyone who feels impacted by the energies around them or wants to raise the bar of their own thought process and intention-setting should read this book. Her section on empathic people made me wish I had this book twenty years ago, when I began experiencing energies that I did not understand. She gives exercises for clearing and grounding your energy, which is so vital for energetically-sensitive individuals. Also included are energy shields and prayers to use in especially toxic situations.

One of the unique aspects of the book is the “Wing Vibrational Scale” that evaluates how your usual self-talk and habitual thoughts affect your overall vibration. I took this test and was surprised and informed by the results. The quiz is meant to be used over time as a tool for self-reflection and transformation. It is instructive to take honest stock of your habitual “set points” — where you commonly place your attention.

Another thing that sets her book apart is her treatment of the “shadow” side of emotion. She explores the transformative nature of the shadow and how to manage darker places when you experience them. Her treatment of the woods and the uplifting energies of the earth are enlightening and nourishing to read.

Diane also offers a holistic approach to raising your personal energy that includes caring for your body, eating a proper diet and exercising. There are many ways that you can get out of synch with your own inner rhythm and wisdom. Diane does not suggest any magic bullet cure. The “cure” is raising your vibration, one practice and one perspective at a time.

The best use of The True Nature of Energy would be to take it as a manual for self-transformation. Take two or three of the practices and adopt them for a length of time. Be your own observer and watch how your experience of life shifts. Or better yet, ask a friend to do it with you and compare notes.

To read The True Nature of Energy is to walk through the vibrations that make up your daily experience, while a gentle and wise voice guides you to observe, to change and to become more alive through the process. My copy is full of high-lighted sections and dog-eared pages. No doubt it will be a reference guide that I will return to often.

The book will be available soon. To pre-order, you can visit: