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Where insight comes from

Insight isn’t a topic that you discuss a lot at family reunions, holiday parties or over the water cooler at work. Yet we need it to guide us in everyday choices and the Big Decisions we make about our life trajectory.

When I first began to understand what insight was and how I came upon it, it made my life feel less random, and more arising from a Grand Intelligence who was (thank God!) infinitely wiser than me! What a relief that I didn’t have to spin my whole life out of my own head!

Insight, as I see it, is a signal from deep within the body-mind to engage with this Grand Intelligence in our daily activities.  This Intelligence is alive in us. Engaging with the Ultimate Source, you engage with the deepest part of your being.

So, one might ask…why do we resist it!? Why is it not so simple to embrace this aliveness?

I asked my spiritual mentor about this some years ago, and he said because it’s “hot” in this deepest place of our being. We are so alive, so intelligent, so in love, so interconnected on the level of Self (big Self, not small self), that it is mind-blowing. It tears down all preconceptions of who you think you are.  When Christians talk about surrender, it is surrender to this fundamental Love that makes us realize that our lives are not our own.  Hindus call this the Self.

So you can be gentle with yourself, if you resist fully embracing this Intelligence within you. Take small steps. Go slowly.  Breathe, meditate, be mindful, let yourself be who you are.  And then listen. Listen while you’re brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Listen while you’re driving or doing dishes (my personal favorite). These times are “open” spaces in life, where insight can arise spontaneously.


On a related note: I am creating some insight meditations for a CD, which is why this topic is on the forefront of my mind! What areas of your life seem most unclear? I invite you to email me your answer–this will help me create meditations that may be meaningful to you.