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Stuck on What to Write on Social Media? These 3 Tips Make it Easy


Complaints about writing for social media can sound very much like the complaints we made in school about writing our papers. “It’s so hard to know what to write,” and “I don’t have time for this.”

But social media can be fun, not work, if you come at it from a different angle. Remember these tips, and you’ll be on your way.

  1.  Facebook and Twitter posts are very much like speech. Think of them as small bits of conversation starters. Ask yourself what you’d like to say. Imagine one of your potential clients, or actual customers, or friends in front of you. What do you want to share with them? If you could hand them a picture to physically hold in their hands–what picture or set of pictures would you want to share with them?
  2. Connect to what you love. Personally, I love tea, and I love dogs. If you go back through my history in twitter and Facebook, no doubt you will find images of tea, dogs–and the closely related topics of coffee and cats. I also love to read great writing, and because of this–and because it’s the business I’m in–I share a lot of quotes about great writing, often by master writers.What do you love? If you are writing for business, what personal touches can you add to your posts?
  3. Get out a digital recording device. There is a technique in teaching students how to write in school that can be useful if you are hesitant to write. In this technique, a student tells the teacher what they want to say in their paper. The teacher writes it down. The teacher will ask questions, and write down the answers to those questions. And thus begins the students story–on paper. Since most of us don’t have someone to write down our spoken ideas for us, there are basic tools for this.

–Voice recognition software on many smartphones. Email yourself or text yourself your spoken post. –A voice memo on Iphone. –Digital recorders. –Or if you really hate tech, you can still buy tape recorders (no kidding).

Allow yourself some fun in your expression. Don’t let the boring word “writing” get in the way. Chances are, you share stories and ideas throughout your day. Record these, transcribe them, and you have your social media post.

And if you really get tied up in a knot, write down all of the reasons that are getting in the way. Sometimes, these reasons just need to be voiced. And once you see what’s getting in the way, you can be bold and start saying what you want to say.