Divine Purpose: Find the Passion Within

cynthia yoder

Are you looking for a greater sense of meaning or purpose?  In this book, Divine Purpose: Find the Passion Within, Cynthia walks you through a three-phase process to help you discover the activities and perspectives that will give you a greater purpose for your life.

Longevity and happiness are linked with having a sense of purpose. And yet that feeling of purpose can shift and change throughout life. This book is to help you understand what gives you purpose and meaning right now.  What is your Divine Purpose — what is your inner spark prompting you to do? As you answer the questions and prompts in this book, you may bring together interests that have felt separate. You may discover an entirely new path for yourself. Or you may simply feel a sense of purpose in your present activities that you never felt before.

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Using exercises and meditations that Cynthia has used with individual clients, Divine Purpose guides you in creating a life that supports your purpose. Only you can express your purpose in the way that you uniquely do. Divine Purpose is here to passionately support that expression! If you are ready to purchase now, the print book is available through Amazon and major booksellers for $19.95. Use the link for the KINDLE edition, available for less than a cup of coffee: $2.99!

Excerpt from Divine Purpose

What Do You Love?

The great naturalist John Muir, said that when he went out for a walk, he would stay out until sundown, because “going out was really going in.” He saw his relationship with nature as a relationship with all things, including his own inner being. He is said to have loved nature like a devotee. Because of Muir’s love and devotion to nature, national natural treasures are preserved in Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park and other areas.

It is common for us to question doing what we love. Perhaps we have been told that what we love is not practical. Perhaps we look around and see how much work would be required to make a living at doing something non-traditional. But the truth is that what we love is the very prompting of our souls to bring what we love about in the world. It is a prompting to increase the presence of love and care in the world.

I’m just going to repeat that because it is something that is so often missed in how we conduct our lives. Doing what we love increases the very presence of love in the world. The yoga chant master Krishna Das says that he began offering chant as a way to remember what it felt like to sit at the feet of his guru, whom he studied with in India. His driving desire was to abide in that presence of love he experienced with his guru. Now, he travels the world, nurturing this quality of abiding love in others through his music.

When we follow that inner prompting, we go out in the world and into our truest self at the same time. We become timeless beings, following a path that has been prepared for us before we were even aware of it. As I have mentioned elsewhere, as we focus on what is important to us, the world around us shifts. It is as if the Infinite Intelligence of the universe showers us with YES!

As John Muir found, doing what we love is a portal through which we find a quality of spaciousness that holds all of life. It may be love of trees, or love of your culture. It may be love of people gathered for a cause, or love of music. When we fully devote ourselves to what or whom we love, this space opens in our hearts. Everyone has had a timeless moment – a moment in which we have lost ourselves so completely that time passes without our knowing it. In this kind of immersion, the mind drops its worry about the future, and can let go into a deeper quality of space and time.

It is not selfish or impractical or difficult to do what you love. It is your soul’s imperative.

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What do you love? Take one hour to completely immerse yourself in an activity you love but haven’t done for a while.

Take note of how you feel beforehand, and then take note of how you feel afterward.

If you are unsure of what activity this might be, look back into your childhood. What did you do that made you feel alive? Do that activity, even if it is swinging or playing in the sandbox!


cynthia yoder