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Whether you are a solopreneur or business executive, positive engagement with clients, customers, employees and partners is a top priority. We work with you to maximize the impact of your communication.

We use a tailored and intuitive approach, based on decades of experience in public relations for world-class institutions and in business consulting for small businesses. Decades of creative writing and thinking influence the skill set we bring to the table.

Our creative coaching and consulting services include:

HOLDING A CLEAR VISION FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Who is your audience or client base, and what is the central message that you want to convey to them? Are your employees aligned with the mission of your company?

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING: Are all of the communications that get delivered to the public in alignment with your mission? Are the internal communications also consistent in conveying your values and vision? Together, we bring your company into greater alignment, so that the success of the company is built on the greatest foundational integrity.

NAMING YOUR BUSINESS OR PROJECT: Naming things is pure joy for me. Naming a business or a project is an engaging game we can play together! Don’t get stuck on what to name your business, blog, featured program or other project. Together, we scan the market and come up with a zinger name that stands out from the crowd! And find a URL to match.

Our track record in consulting and coaching:

–Ten years of working as a communications and business consultant for a start-up which reached $1 million in sales.

–Ten years of coaching leaders in business and not-for-profits. These leaders have found a greater clarity of vision and direction in their roles. Read our client stories!

–Over twenty years of offering public relations services, with clients that include a Fortune 50 company, Princeton University, and serving five years as Director of Communications for a New York City landmark institution.

Please call for availability and rates.

Read what our clients are saying:

Cynthia is a superb listener who is able to translate your thoughts and ideas into a tangible marketing message. She is helpful in articulating your ideas and helping to craft a specific message to your target audience. I was looking to formulate ideas for a class/workshop I would be giving on “Presence,” a class for fellow practitioners to get better results with their clients. Out of our discussions, I was able to get an article published in US 1 promoting my workshop. I absolutely recommend working with Cynthia. She is very pleasant and easy to work with. Her easy going yet professional style yields results.
–Edward Feldman, D.C., RCST

Kingston, New Jersey, USA

“Cynthia Yoder is the epitome of top-notch, and she always over delivers. I am grateful that I have access to such a gem. Recently, I had the pleasure of hiring her as a consultant. I needed her support with editing my personal and company website. People compliment me on the wording and layout daily. I owe all praise to Cynthia.  She even gave me compelling marketing messages that dramatically increased my client registrations! Her greatness doesn’t stop there; she was even more helpful.  Cynthia shared creative social media and e-mail marketing strategies to keep my followers engaged. I am appreciative of her influence and highly recommend her services for anyone seeking to bring life to their public image and brand messages.”
–Marshell Williams, Virtual Assistant
New Jersey

“I wanted help getting started with social media. Cynthia did a great job editing my newsletter article and website bio, and we also set up a template on Constant Contact. I’ve circulated the article on social media and my blog, and though this is my first baby step into this arena, I’ve already gotten some positive feedback. Cynthia was able to “get” what I was trying to achieve, and this made it so much easier. I highly recommend Cynthia.
–Ed Zullo L Ac, DC
Washington Crossing, PA


“When I called Cynthia, there were three strong directions in my work that I could have moved in.  I had difficulty focusing on any one in particular—I was stumped.  Cynthia helped me determine which direction could most positively serve me and what first step would get me moving in that direction.  It became clear by the series of questions and comments that Cynthia made that I knew the answer all along but didn’t own it.  Once I made my choice of direction, Cynthia gave me practical, specific resources to use and followed up with me afterward to anchor the session in my life.  Cynthia is the opposite of intimidating.  She is a gentle soul and understanding, and her work with me was subtle but powerful.”
–Barbara Fox-CooperAllentown, New Jersey

Cynthia helped me identify my goals and worked with me to create doable, action-based steps as well as the tools and motivation to get there.  I’m intentionally concentrating my time and energy in a focused direction and getting results.  Cynthia has an ability to “tune in” and listen on a soul level to things that I’m not hearing about myself.  Cynthia can hear my dreams and mirror them back and articulate them back with clarity. She has a genuine interest in people being the best that they can be and approaches the work with compassion, which is essential to this kind of work.  I trust her.  This work is revealing, and it requires compassion and genuineness and mutual trust.  I would recommend Cynthia’s services without reservation.”
–Jacqueline KnoxArts Management, New Jersey

When I made my appointment for a session with Cynthia I felt like I needed clarification about my direction in life. While I felt like I’d made significant professional and personal progress over the past several years I was searching for perspective that could help me make sense of it all. From the outset, Cynthia made me feel relaxed and safe in her workspace. It was easy to share my intentions for the session and she even helped bring those intentions into sharper focus with her active listening skills.

I had no idea what to expect from the sound healing portion of our session but was pleasantly surprised by how such a powerful experience unfolded. As Cynthia used several percussion instruments and vocalizations the all-consuming experience of sound helped me actually “turn off” my senses and focus my attention inward where I was able to find the clarity and confidence I’d been seeking. I’d certainly recommend that others consult with Cynthia for a life purpose discernment and sound healing session. She truly has a gift for this kind of work and offers a unique experience of inward mindfulness so lacking in our fast-paced world.”
–Brian Critchley, Massage Practitioner and Yoga Instructor 

“I came to Cynthia because I was overwhelmed by all of the possibilities before me in my work as a fiber artist and creator. I needed some clarity on what to choose and in which direction to go.  Together we mapped out the branches of my business that I want to focus on, and we saw how the branches were connected –like a spider web.  Now when I get into a place of uncertainty, I can go back to these notes and see my spider net which is my map to safety!  I can see that everything is connected and I can’t do anything wrong.  I can see the greater picture.  My intention is to bring joy and happiness to people—which may be through writing a book,  creating a sweater design,  cooking a meal for someone or simply offer my help.  Working with Cynthia loosened the pressure that my business and life had to look a certain way, because the process has shown me that no matter what I do, it is all part of the same greater picture.

The work broadened my purpose and helped me get to the next step, which shifted my vision. My vision was that it had to be this big “out there” kind of action, but it actually gets lived out on a daily basis.  Cynthia is very good in leading you to find your own answers.  The work is comfortable, easy, and fun.  That she is able to receive spiritual messages is a great bonus, as the spiritual aspect has become crucial to me. I would recommend her services to anybody and everybody who gets to that point of looking for their purpose.  The results that come out of a session with Cynthia are extremely satisfying.
–Lisa FuellemannFiber Artist and Creator

“I sought to work with Cynthia in order to find greater satisfaction with my professional life. Which ultimately feeds through to many other aspects of life. The work we did together was about discovery and opening up my mind and thinking outside of the box. This was helpful in understanding myself and what motivates me in fulfilling my purpose.

The work of understanding your purpose is a creative process –there’s no snap solution. Like life, it’s a journey and a process that will be different for everyone.Just knowing where I want to go makes me feel more relaxed about where I am now and relaxed about things that are out of my control. I’m looking at the path more and fine tuning that path.  Understanding yourself is an important exercise!”
–Tom Furda, Equity Research Sales
Chatham New Jersey

I came to Cynthia originally for help with discerning a call. Cynthia’s work with me helped me clear out emotional blocks and helped me see how I hold them in my body. It helped me to affirm and clarify my path. Now I am clear enough to work with other people and help people find clarity themselves.

Cynthia’s approach has been effective for me because she works with imagery and intuition. At the same time, there is an acknowledgment that we are here and now in a real world. It’s changed the way I use primary tools of my primary trade as a minister. My work with Cynthia has helped me to build on my classical theological training. I weave what Cynthia I do together with my work with the congregation and individuals. Recently I began to work with people more in depth on their spiritual journey. Now I can work with images that come to me and I am not afraid to name them. Because I’m clear, I can help people get clear and get results in their lives.”
–Rev. Deadra Ashton
Tunbridge, Vermont

cynthia yoder